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India is the second country which is growing in population larger every day. Being so populous, India encounters major health problems too. When it comes to India, statistics say that around 40% of people in India suffer mostly of heart diseases. Around 15% people die everyday due to heart attacks or multiple strokes. So we decided to analyze that what it is that makes people suffer from heart diseases, how to prevent these diseases and what is the latest technology available to tackle heart attacks.
We went ahead to interview one of the leading top heart surgeons in India, Dr. KewalKrishan. Dr. Kewal is not only one of the top heart surgeons in India, but has his fame spread outside India too. He is a man who is very humble and down to earth. Although being so busy in taking care of his patients, he took time for us and allowed us to ask him few questions as he thought that the knowledge imparted by him will help many people to save themselves from incurring heart diseases. I was astonished to see how beautiful heart this man had, he actually wished that everyone should have a healthy heart.
Dr. Kewal came down in his office and was present at the exact time which he provided to us. I was impressed to see that this doctor respected time a lot. I asked some of the basic questions to him as to what is the basic reason behind a person incurring heart disease? To this question Dr. kewal replied that every person eats food everyday and this food gets stored in the body. If the person doesn't works out properly, the food doesn't gets digested properly and the fat gets stored inside the body. Now this fat is the main culprit behind all the heart diseases which occur in a person's body.
Dr. kewal discussed many beautiful ways in which a person can save himself from chronic heart diseases and also told us about the latest technology upcoming for the heart diseases. He told about this latest technology known as LVAD( Left Ventricular Assist Device) which is used to help those people who are in transition phase in receiving a new heart or are waiting for any heart donor. He described about the criticalities of heart diseases and the various problems associated to it.
The way Dr. kewal was describing things coming down to the level of common man described us that he actually belong to the top heart surgeons in India. His way of thinking and ways of describing about how to take proper care of one's heart actually described his expertise and proved that he actually belonged to some of the top heart surgeons in India.

Credit card and loan repayment

If you're one of those lucky people who have never missed a single credit card or loan repayment, then you don't need to worry about the term ‘adverse credit'. In this article, we are discussing the ins and outs of the term ‘adverse credit', something that describes people who have defaulted on credit repayments to a significant extent. The terms ‘sub-prime and ‘poor credit' are also used to describe the same situation. What we are here to ascertain is: what do you have to do to be called an adverse credit customer, and where does the lender get their information about you?

To start off, we will discuss the credit reference agencies, companies such as Experian and Equifax who collect and store information about all your financial dealings, and sell this information to lenders. Other parties that can see your credit history are insurance companies, banks, landlords, government agencies and employers, they are allowed, by law, to see your past financial details.

They know a lot about you, you may be surprised at just how much. Apart from the obvious (your name, date of birth, social security details), they also have your addresses (past and present), records of all the jobs you have had and with who, your entry on the voter's roll, your mortgage, credit card, loan and hire purchase details, records of any unpaid County Court judgements, and most surprisingly, details on all the loan and credit card applications you have ever made.

So where do the credit agencies get their information from? They get it from the Public Records offices and the financial institutions themselves – banks, credit card companies etc. Once you've got a bank account, you're on the computer records and the credit agencies start collecting information about you.

Experian, Equifax and the other agencies also offer another service to the lenders, they have the facility to give you a credit score, using the lender's own criteria to score your eligibility for credit. If you don't score high enough, you may not get the credit you have requested, which is why your credit score is so important. The credit score works by matching your financial details against different criteria. You could score well for having met all your credit card repayments for example, but score badly because you have moved address or employer a number of times. In any case, the higher score, the more likely you will get the credit you asked for.

The eventual credit score is providing an estimate on your eligibility to receive the credit, making the general assumption that your future repayment habits will be the same as your past. As extra insurance, they also compare your information with other applicants with similar characteristics as you, to see how they fared. In the end, the decision whether you can be offered credit is automated, and based on statistical analysis. If your score is close to the pass level, then the lender may choose to offer you a lower level of credit, or a higher interest rate.

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Some credit information

All the lenders have different ideas about what is and isn't acceptable, and some will refuse your application without giving you a reason why. It's their decision, and it is not up to the credit reference agencies, they merely collate the information in the first place. It is the lender who gives you the label of ‘adverse credit' customer.

We have collated here a list (in no particular order) of the situations that will, either alone or with others, make it difficult for you get to credit with a lender: if you're behind on payments for a loan, credit card or mortgage, if you have made a few late payments on the above, outstanding and unpaid County Court or High Court Judgements, if you are not on the electoral roll at the address you gave on your application form, and if you have made more than a usual number of loans and credit card applications. Two situations would normally result in automatic refusal: having had your home repossessed, and recent bankruptcy.

If you are aware of any of the aforementioned problems in your recent credit history, then don't be surprised if your application for credit is turned down, especially by the big, mainstream lenders. Some of the mainstream lenders are a bit more forgiving about mortgages, especially if you already have a mortgage and are meeting your repayments.

This article should contain most of the information you need to know about ‘adverse credit', and help you understand what the lenders consider to be a bad risk, and why. If the worst happens, and you find yourself unable to get credit because of an adverse credit history, then you will probably have to seek credit from a sub prime lender. If you fit their criteria, they will offer you credit, but it will be more expensive.

The most important thing to remember is: always keep up do your loan, credit card and mortgage repayments, don't pay late or even more importantly, don't build up arrears. The financial consequences of getting behind could be both extensive, and expensive.